Sindu Kusuma Edu Park

September 08, 2017

Few weeks ago I went to Sindu Kusuma Edu Park for the first time ever with my friends. It was just a random idea by Anna to visit SKEP since we had one day off before school started. Our main goal was to catch the golden hour. You guys know how much I love sunsets instead of sunrises, no? The golden hour is one of the reason why. I gotta say though, I hate how pricey the entrance fee is. The park feels more like a dead park that's left by people during zombie apocalypse. There weren't many people there which was a plus point for us because then, we could explore the park like we owned it. You still have to pay everytime you want to go for a ride on the attraction, which comes to my final decision not to recommend you to go photo hunting in SKEP.

All of the photos above were mostly taken by Anna herself. I feel like my skill has been going off lately, maybe it has something to do with my eyes because I'm suffering cylinder on my left eye and it's always hard for me to take photos because I can't focus. I don't even use the viewfinder like most people because it's even harder to shoot with one eye closed. So I don't take credits on these photos at all.

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