August 20, 2016

Hello! I'm so glad to be able to write something up for this blog. I'm still pretty busy with the activities at my art group but now that I just got home I can relax a bit and post something here. So few days ago me and my boyfriend celebrated Indonesia's independence day at this tiny cafe near my guest house. I've been dying to go to this cafe because it's a cat cafe where you can enjoy delicious beverages and snacks while playing with the cats there. It has a good ambiance, though I must say the place is too small and I don't think it can handle many guests. Still, the cats are so lovely and cute I couldn't stop squeezing myself out of their cuteness. I took some pictures there, hope you guys enjoy them :)

This is my hot chocolate, topped with fluffy marshmallows which costs me around 20k-ish rupiahs, I guess. I can't really remember, sorry :( But it tastes really good!

I'm sorry that I can't really write much because I'm sleepy as hell. I still have to go to Kulonprogo tomorrow morning to run some errands. I hope you guys enjoy this post and any questions regarding the place or the price just leave them at the comment section!

But here you go a bonus picture of me and my favorite cats!