Catching up

July 03, 2016

Oh my, reading back to my recent posts, every time I get back writing here, I always make excuses. Because whatnot, life is busy and complicated as it is. So, my excuse this time is... holiday makes me forget that I actually have a blog. LMAO. Okay you can laugh at me for that but that's the honest truth. I arrived here in my home town nearly a two weeks ago because I'm currently having the long semester break and it's in the middle of fasting month so I always spend half of my day sleeping, waiting until dawn. The wifi at my house is also a pain in the ass because sometimes it doesn't want to connect so after three days of throwing tantrum to everyone in the house, I gave up and didn't even bother checking whether it has been repaired or not. BUT IT HAS. Or else I won't be up here writing this post lol.

Anyway, how's your life going, guys? Me? I just cut my hair, as usual every time I have the chance to go back home I will always make an appointment to my hair stylist because back in Jogja I never, ever cut my hair. I don't trust them. And I manage to improve my GPA this semester. God it feels good. But I don't think my parents think it's good enough so I don't really wanna celebrate that haha.

LDR sucks. Even if it's just for one and a half month but still. I'm not made out of patience. There's a reason why I was single for 19 years.

I miss Jogja's cafe and foods. I'm currently working on two projects here which I will reveal later on my next post, hopefully. I miss cafe hopping with my boyfriend :( But anyway, I'm just gonna enjoy my time here because going back home means new clothes and shoes and not having to think of what I'm gonna eat today (or am I not gonna eat anything).

Oh, that's a long rant. I'm gonna write more, I promise. But only if I have something to talk about hahaha. Until then, see you when I see you!

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