Cappuccino or espresso, your call

September 27, 2015

Few days ago my parents came to town to pay me and my brother a visit. And like always, while they're here, it's time for me to do some shopping spree! I guess having 14 pairs of shoes doesn't prevent me for adding yet another couple pairs into the shoe rack lmao. As a college student who lives far away from my source of money a k a my parents, I have to pick the right shoes which I can wear either to the class or for casual strolling with my friends. The shoes gotta have dual function so I can switch them anytime I need to. Also, since I'm still unemployed, I don't like spending too much money on my stuffs. I was accompanying mom looking for new shoes when she found the black slippers on the sale rack. She fell in love with it but the size didn't fit. So I tried them on and they fitted! The shoes were on sale for IDR 100k only and I couldn't help but to take another shoes with the same style but different color just because they were on ~sale~ hahahahahah. Oh women. So, what do you think about them? xx