Birthday girl!

April 13, 2015

I was still sleeping on the clouds when suddenly I heard rustling and incoherent voices in Eri's bedroom. I had a sleepover at his house the night before my birthday. And it was nothing because I thought nothing would happen and that I felt quite lonely. So when Eri offered me to come to his house and spent the night watching him playing Tekken, I just nodded and said yes. Turns out I was about to be surprised by my friends from Sanggar in the morning. With swollen face and messy clothes and having to sleep in the same room with another three boys, it wasn't completely a pleasant view to them, haha. But it was really touching because I didn't know they would do this for me! I had one birthday surprise. It was on my 17th birthday. So this is my second one. I was so happy!

Celebrating birthday has its own meaning for me. It's the day where I wish I can spend it with the ones that I love. I thought this time I wouldn't celebrate it because somehow, my birthday always happens in the middle of an exam (last year it was during the National Exam, this time it's my mid semester exam). So I thought at first there wouldn't be anything special on D-day. I didn't see it coming. Especially because I wasn't in my guest house that day and it was early in the morning. Pretty sure they all had to wake up really early just to get everything went smoothly. Just thinking about it made my eyes brimming with tears.

The notebook is so cute! I always love getting cute notebooks. I don't even know if I can write anything in it because of its cuteness. While the black fan comes from Mirota Batik that you can find on Malioboro street. I've told you I've been practicing rancak dance with my fellow friends and it needs a goddamn good fan to complete the dance. And being the good friends that they are, they gave me this amazing black fan. It totally suits me and I love the material, so light and pretty as well!

Happy 19th birthday to me!


  1. Those journal books are so precious!

  2. Happy B''day ^^