Girls In The City 6: Grand Indonesia, Planetarium, Taman Ismail Marzuki

January 28, 2015

It all started right when Fidel told me she was craving for karē (curry). We both have our own favorite restaurant for karē, and right at that moment we decided to go to Grand Indonesia just for the sake of fulfilling our cravings. Since it's she and I again, the "jalan-jalan" will be another episode of Girls In The City. It's our seventh episode and we're so delighted to tag along someone as well! It's Tiara. She's been wanting to come along with us since the first episode but because of her tight schedule, most of the time she couldn't come with us. This time though, we planned everything out and we made sure Tiara could go. The first intention was actually going to Planetarium, since it's been years since our last visit to this place and we would like to rewind our rusty childhood memories. Planetarium is a great place to visit when you need some refreshing to see stars at nights and probably take some time off from the hectic city life and enjoy your time. Not to mention that the entrance ticket is much cheaper than I last remembered, hmn...

We of course took the chance to roam around the mall because we were waiting for the show time at Planetarium which started at 5.30 pm on week days. So because we were in the hippest mall in Jakarta right at that moment, we looked around to snap some more photos. Honestly I rarely go the mall unless I want to buy some new clothes. I'd rather spend my money on food street vendor or little cafes instead to get my favorite coffee or bubble tea. Malls aren't really my hang out place. ALSO, you have to see how I held back the pain of walking on heeled boots for eight fucking hours going from one place to the other and even chasing the train. I abused my feet too much :(

Pretend you don't see this one...

After fooling around until it was almost the show time, we went straight to our next destination: Planetarium, which you can always google that place on Gmaps. It wasn't too far from Grand Indonesia but since we were quite blind with directions, we took a taxi to get there. Planetarium on week days was so quiet and unpacked. It's as if we were the only one attending the show yesterday! I wonder if people still go to this place for a quick entertainment with their family.

Mandatory selfie inside the studio before the show started.

After the show, we walked around Taman Ismail Marzuki to snap more photos because Tiara said we didn't take enough photos that day. As I told you before, it's been years since I last visited TIM and Planetarium. So you can imagine how surprised I was to discover such building did exist here. It was so Instagram-able, as how Mancah would describe, and beautiful as well. Jakarta in the evening was quite enjoyable. You can find many young kids and teenagers playing sports like soccer or skate-boarding. Such pleasant view~

We. Are. Happy. Kids.

I look like a lioness with that hair orz

Okay so fortunately there was an art exhibition held at Taman Ismail Marzuki as well and as usual, we couldn't miss this one because it was one held by UNJ (Jakarta State University). The exhibition was mind-blowing. Just like this one. You see this piece of art from afar and you'll catch a picture of a mother holding her baby. But if you look closely, you can see that the picture is made from a group of nails being put together creating the picture. Wicked, isn't it?

And of course, my outfit of the day.

H&M long shirt (or coat?), Nevada plaid pants, Lacoste sling bag, IconNinety9 shoes

This place is totally good for taking your ootd photos, honestly saying. You just have to tag along someone with good photography skill who knows well about angles and all. You're gonna love the ambience here, trust me. And so I guess that'll be the end of today's post. I'm so excited because I scored seven posts this January! I usually just leave one or four posts a month because of the hectic college life. So happy because I got to update the blog during my holiday :D 'Till then, have a nice day! xx


  1. Anonymous28/1/15 20:39

    the food looks so yummy, and nice place! :D

  2. That instagram thing is sooo funny :D great idea!

    xoxo Colli // tobeyoutiful

  3. Lovely place, lovely girls !!! Your boots maybe are not comfy, but very stylish!!


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    Also, I like your shoes. :)

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    with curry. :)
    And aww you have visited a planetarium, that's so cool. :)

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