Happy girls are the prettiest

December 14, 2014

Hi people! How's your day? I'm about to start my two weeks holiday before the final exam at collage takes place. Gotta admit that I'm totally nervous because my last failure on midterm exam keeps on haunting my days. I have to work hard this time around so I won't disappoint my parents! Anyway, since that means I have a lot of spare time to spend, yesterday me and a few friends from Sanggar decided to go to the beach again to see the sunrise. It's becoming a tradition you know, randomly driving our way to the beach in the most awkward time. I guess we're just weird like that, haha. But first we hopped off to Eri's house because it was still 10 pm and we didn't want to spend too much time on the beach because our main purpose was to see the sunrise only. There were seven of us, and when we waited at Eri's bedroom, I spotted this cute big teddy bear sitting nicely on his bed's corner! I laughed so hard because I didn't expect Eri to be a type of boy who keeps cute stuffs, especially stuffed animals. But then he said this was supposed to be his ex girlfriend's teddy bear, but when they broke up, she came to him and returned it. Well, her lose. Because now this beautiful and puffy teddy belongs to me! Eri wholeheartedly gave it to me because he said there's no point for him for keeping the doll in his room. And I was so happy because I don't really have any stuffed animals to be hugged when I sleep. And this is the biggest doll I have ever had. So so happy!

Can you see how happy my face is when she's around? ;D I'm still thinking about which name I should give to her. It feels great to have a stuffed animal waiting for you to get home from college. You can even hug it whenever you feel down or sad. At least when Oscar is not around to make me feel better, I have her now! ;p Thank you so much, Eri! You're the best bro ever!


  1. waaaaaa big teddy!!! <3


  2. teddy~ ><


  3. That sounds really fun driving away to the beach with your friends to see the sunrise. I really want to do that!!
    Thank you so much for your comment and visit to my blog. I personally think black tights are there when you have nothing to wear (they were tights btw) and believe it or not, I don't have black tights currently… so yeah :) But it's really cool of you to give your opinion that way we as bloggers can communicate more than just usual compliments and stuff, but in a more fun conversation!

    Adeline Yang

  4. Your new teddy bear is adorable. It was so nice of your friend to give her to you.

  5. the doll is soooo cute! anyway following you on gfc!

  6. Totally agree with you, girl!
    Smile is the best make up that we could put on XD