Love and (mis)understanding

November 27, 2014

To everyone who has been with me through the years, must have known that I have never been tied down into a relationship before. Being single for 18 years doesn't really make me blind about it though. I mean, I know about all the basic stuff of being a girlfriend, about how to be a good one. But when I'm faced with a personality I can't really handle, I become frustrated and confused myself. I keep on searching and asking to my friends about my love life and while it sounds a bit funny, none of the advice I get can actually works on my condition. Tell me, if your boyfriend gets stressed because of his work and he gets grumpy all the time even when you're around, what would you do? Because I don't know what should I do except being there to show him my support :( But I keep saying to myself that it's not enough. I feel bad because I can't bring that smile on his face when I'm around...

Unbranded top and skirt, Elizabeth shoes

I bought this top from my senior on campus and this cool stuff arrived today. Her mother runs an online shop and the sweet thing about having someone who kinda has a connection to an online shop owner is that you don't really have to pay for the shipping of your goods! I just have to see her on campus and pay the original price~ Anyway, yay for double update this week! *cheers* It's becoming very rare for me to update the blog this much because college life has always been a whee and I can't really take proper outfit photos or have anything much to talk about on the blog. I go to tumblr most of the time because not many of my friends see it and I can write anything I feel like it there. It's like my sappy diary, huhu.

So that's the update for now. Talk to you soon! xx


  1. Cute outfit, you look great! <3 I'm your newest follower by the way!!

    I have a new outfit post up, would love to know your thoughts:


  2. Hey my boyfriend sounds like your boyfriend. He is ALWAYS stressed about work and in a grumpy mood! I guess the only time he feels better on a lot of days is when he's talking to me but it's definitely exhausting trying to be peppy and upbeat all the time. So I definitely feel for you! But I don't think it's our fault if they are in a bad mood. It's not always our job to make everything better! That's a lot of pressure and too much responsibility to place on a person. And it's unhealthy to rely solely on another person for one's happiness. So don't beat yourself up over it if you're not always able to cheer him up!

    xx freshfizzle

  3. No don't stress yourself on cheering your boyfriend up. As long as you're there for him, that's fine. He'll know how much you care for him and he'll cheer up on his own!

    Cute outfit by the way!

    Janine |

  4. cute and a little bit sporty, love it!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. Nice... lebih asik coba outdoor sesi hehe

  6. I can relate with you. I like your blog! :) I've been single for 18 years too, well I'm 18 now and NBSB. Hahaha. Suitors came but i'm quite choosy that's why i didn't settle for anyone. Anyway, Great outfit post :) Hoping to see more of it in the coming days!

    Have a great day, Adinda! :)


  7. nice top!

    xo T.

  8. don't worry about that too much....being there is enough...we all just need time to deal with stress

  9. Lovely outfit, specially your dress :)

  10. My boyfriend is very sweet but he also has his moments when his in a very bad mood because of work. Sometimes I give him a good massage and sometimes I leave him alone for some time. I hope everything get better.
    You look great btw, I love your top!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  11. This is such a cute and casual outfit. :D

  12. looking cool <3
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  13. this is really great :) have a wonderful day!

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  14. Lovely outfit! :)

  15. cheer up girl :) good things will come in your way if you just keep your head up x

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  16. mmm
    you've already doing the right thing
    but i think you should tell him too about how you feel
    so he knows that he's doing wrong
    just a suggestion
    hope everything goes well in your relationship


  17. Love your look. So cool.
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  18. That top is really cool! You look great.


  19. So cute! I'm loving your black and white outfit! <3
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    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  20. I think relationship is a complicated thing, and if it doesn't work out, it usually ends with tons of crying and eating ice cream... my gastric is terrible so I couldn't eat my feelings out. LOL but I guess for me, after being in r/s I realized that being at my age, 20, I should focus more on myself than on trying to love others. Anyways, love your outfit!

    xx Angelus,

  21. so beautiful !

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  24. Nice look! xx

  25. Amazing post! Love the dress!

  26. Amazing, Love the pics!

  27. don't have a boyfriend because boys are stupid hahahaha (JK) but for real though, I was confused also when this guy (my ex/my boyfriend/my-I-dunno-what-this-is) got mad at me without a reason.. maybe it was just because the work stress, but it's hard to cheer someone up when he becomes a pain in the butt most of the time heheheh ;p