Album review: Miracles In December by EXO-M

January 14, 2014

Remember this post when I talked about my Growl album? Now I'm going to talk about EXO's album again haha! Back in late November 2013, SM announced EXO's upcoming comeback on releasing a Christmas album at the end of the year called Miracles in December. And I was terribly mad at SM—like I always do, tbh—because the thing about EXO releasing any kinds of album will lead to me buying each one of them. I love collecting something and collecting their albums is what I'm currently doing. I know it's just a music album, duh. All bands and singers in this world have at least one of their own. But with EXO, it's totally different, at least for me. I can't seem to ignore the kpop stores that were up on my ass offering me to buy albums through them and fml I was afraid that hyung would mock me because I COULD'VE JUST DOWNLOADED THE ALBUM FROM ITUNES YO—or even listen the songs from YouTube. But that's not my style. That's not how I roll. In the end I saved up for 2 weeks and told mom I was going to buy an album. She was so surprised to hear the price of the album (in the end I only paid for IDR 220K) because she said that the price was so expensive for an album which only has 5 (it's 6, but 1 is instrumental) songs in it. Well fortunately that's true but I never care anyway.

The fun thing about collecting Korean albums is there's a plenty of "small joy" that you can't get in Hollywood albums. Like photo cards and photo book official from the company inserted along with the album. The rush of blood when I slowly open the package and secretly hoping that I would get any of my bias' photo cards, and the squealing and dumb laughter when I look at the photo book—it's always so much fun! I spend half an hour everytime I get EXO's latest album and I even can't stop looking at Growl for 2 days I mean DUDE IT'S SO THICK FULL OF SINFUL porn PICTURES OF EXO. Speaking of that, I guess I'm so lucky when I buy the albums I mean the last time I bought Growl, I got EXO-M ot6 *awkward dancing* and this time of Miracles in December I got LORD HUANG ZITAO omg I mean he's my ultimate bias and I was thinking how many albums I have to get before finally getting Zitao's photo card I was kind of desperate when I first bought XOXO because I got Kyungsoo but then traded it with hyung so I got mine Yixing. BUT then I bought MID and Zitao's photo card popped up like it was being shoved into my face lmao.

I can only recognize the 我爱你们 part yay

Still don't get the idea of this...

Cries because his hand writing is so messy T^T

I feel so blessed haha I mean guh I can't describe my feelings when I open the box and it was so nerve-wrecking because the snowball card was turned upside down and the first thing I looked is the green part which contains his message and for the love of god I can recognize that hand writing even in the Afterlife seriously Zitao has his very own style. But I doubt that one belongs to him tho as you can see on the card his isn't that hard to read despite the fact that it's Mandarin. The one in the last photo would most likely is Kris' lmao his scribbles are just so messy I don't understand this man I guess that's the perks of knowing 3 languages with 3 different alphabets (English, Korean, and Mandarin).

See you on the next post! xx


  1. omygawd! you're so lucky to get that!

    1. Hihi yes! Too damn lucky I would say ><