Pengalaman Nonton Music Bank in Jakarta

March 18, 2013

I can't write you guys alot for today's post. I just don't know how to start and I don't think telling you guys how crowded and packed it was would be good. I did some fancams of SJ and SHINee, but still haven't got the chance to post it on YouTube. They're still under construction~ But anyway, the experience of attending first concert was pretty much good. Tho I kind of regret it teehee :p My first intention coming to Music Bank was that that would be Yesung's last performance in Indonesia before he enlist. But hey! Just several days ago SS5 Indonesia confirmed and Yesung is in the poster -__- Damn Yeye, you just blew my wallet away.

Okay, no chit chats. I actually still have tons of photos of the boys that nightno, I didn't have time to take photos of Sistar or Hyorin for sure so don't expect her coming out hereand trust me it's hard to pick which one should be posted. So just enjoy what I've served you on the silver tray! ^^

2PM offering the audiences to took their photos in 3 different spots...

Fucking Lee Hyukjae was just 2 meters away from me! *die*

Catched blurred Eru in my camera~ ^^

This supposed to be at the end of this post, but whatever. I have 3 photos of Wook making heart to us. He was sooo cute with purple hair! xD He's been a purple-head since SJM had their comeback and I'm so glad he was still as insane as always on stage :3 And for 2PM, I didn't get the whole spots. I was in festival B and one of the spot was on festival A and it was across from me so there was no way I could capture all of them. Tbh, that was my first time seeing Taecyeon hahaha :D

Minho! :D Looking handsome in flower suits!


I must admit this is the coolest shot of SJ that night...

And jeez, I can't believe I could finally see him in person! \O.o/

Haha okay Kyu, we'll sing along! Just don't stare at us like that xD


photos belong to my Tumblr. Please credit both along with my blog's URL

I am so sorry that the photos aren't in the right order. The crowd was no joke and I don't think I'll be back for another joint-concert anymore. I mean, there are multiple fandoms and for someone like me who only knew SJ and SHINee, the show was so boring as hell. Fortunately they put SJ as the closing so it paid much my waiting kkk ^^ Anw, I still find it's hard to keep connected with the internetand so I'm still depending on my phone's wi-fi hikseu T^T My modem won't be repaired until next week or probably 10 days. I've missed a lot of great updates from my favourite blogs for sure. And I just got to know the GFC is going to be down?? O.O


  1. I am so jealous, I LOVE 2PM OMGGGGG ;D

    Farah ♥

  2. hey there u've got a gr8 blog.let's follow eachother.. follow me and let me know i'll follo back for sure.... maybe we can follow eachother on lookbook,fb,twitter and instagram as well??

  3. So angry GFC is going :( this looks like so much fun, I really need to check them out! Oh I'm following you on bloglovin now too, since gfc is going!

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  4. Dat daisy suit.. LOL! Yeah I was surprised to hear of the GFC news too .__.;;

  5. You just took really HQ photos!! =O
    My sister is watching UKISS concert next month at Kelapa Gading (which isn't as popular as SMTOWN idk why -.-), though UKISS concert next month got the Free hugs and dinner with them xDD I wanna come along too but I have my midterm exams soooo~ ;A;
    You're so lucky!! <3