It takes two awards to be happy

September 07, 2012

Two awards at the same time from the sweet girl over this blog, Realm of A Poetess!. Thank you so much, Dipika! Love you and your blog! All the posts you've posted, I love how you put those words altogether and create such sweet combination: just like a pro poet-writers! And since I am running out of time and need to catch some things up, I think—like always—I'll pass this award to whoever who sees this post :) I'll probably edit this post to add some blogs ^^ You can see both of the awards' rules here. Now I'll start:

7 random facts about me (again):

1. I know I said I hated math but math in social science is so easy, and so I start loving it!
2. I enjoy having exams
3. I don't like the class I am in right now
4. I've been an emotional-wreck lately
5. I'm having writer's block
6. My doctor said I should work out more and lose some weight
7. I started being a religious girl now

And the questions I'm gonna answer:

1. What do you feel your purpose is in life? Quite honestly, I've never really thought about it. I haven't figured it out and I'm not ashamed to admit this. But I guess my ultimate purpose in life is to be happy
2.What is your favorite book? I can't pick! I mean honestly, how do you pick one specific book out of hundreds you've read?
3. Who or what inspires you most in life? My enemies or rivals. They're like one of my biggest source of motivation
4. Would your rather donate time or money? Money
5. What are your best qualities? I never leave people and I love hard. Does that qualify as a quality? lol
6. If you were an organ in the body which would you be and why? Eyes because the eyes are the most beautiful part of the body, imo. You can't hide from the eyes
7. Why do you blog? I don't know man I mean I like the idea of having a small personal space that you can fill with things you love, added the fact that I love writing so much and telling stories, blogging is just a way for me to embrace more of what I love doing
8. What is your greatest accomplishment? For never giving up on myself, ever
9. Who is your role model/ hero and why? My own friends! Maybe because they're the closest and realest person in my life so their success and failure story gets me in the face just like that since I see them on a daily basis and I know what they go through isn't something exaggerated.
10. If you could be anything or anyone in the world, what would it be and why? I think I'd still be myself, ha! As much as I hate myself (sometimes), I can't really think of being in someone else' body and life

Thank's for reading, have a blessed day!


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